Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Sunday I'll be going to my Midwest Young Artists concert. I'm very excited about it. In the concert my orchestra, the Philharmonia Orchestra will be playing March to the Scaffold by Berlioz and The Prometheus Overture by Beethoven. My orchestra will be performing at Pick-Staiger at Northwestern. It's too bad that I'm not playing first part or the solo but I'll still have a great time. I can't wait!

Here's a link to the concert page.


  1. Torin, After day's and day's and day's and day's of practice on the same piece of music we had been given for a tryout, I GOT 1st CHAIR! Wow!!!! Guess what? I was not the most talented clarinet player at that time. I had mastered 1 pc of music but not my horn. The deliberate practice path you have chosen is the way to go. By practicing in that matter, paying attention to tone, slowly playing your scales and working on fingering will pay off in the long run. That is the way you will master your instrument!!!! When you have mastered your clarinet you will be 1st chair. This takes time but you will do it. You have already discovered an important lesson about your practice which many will never learn. Good luck and I can't wait to hear you in concert. Uncle Roger

  2. Torin, I am very proud of you. You made it - third chair is better than no chair is the way that I see it. Keep at it with practice and perserverance you will always get where you desire to be. Byt the way I agree with #3 of your plan. I believe that is the best option. Keep at it! I hope that Roger and I can come and hear you really soon. Don't let your frustrations discourage you as I am sure you are already aware of this. Aunt Tara

  3. Good luck with your concert, Torin!

  4. Aunt Tara and Uncle Roger,
    I hope you can come to one of my concerts this year.