Friday, May 28, 2010

Anthony McGill Comes to Chicago

Tonight, I heard an amazing concert featuring Anthony McGill and the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble.  I would write more tonight, but I am exhausted, so I think I'll start the review in the morning.

The words that come to mind initially are:  amazing, outstanding, magnificent.  More tomorrow.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Waiting for Audition Results from MYA

At the beginning of April, I auditioned for the Concert Orchestra at Midwest Young Artists.  I know that the results should be mailed out this week, and I'm really nervous about whether I'm going to make it or not.  I think it may be more nerve-wracking to wait for audition results than it is to actually audition.

Lately, I'm working on the Danzi Concerto, a little on the Stamitz Concerto, and a lot on the Saint-Saens Sonata.  I really like the Saint-Saens Sonata.

Oh, and I'm thinking about going to the Geneva Grandquist music competition at the end of June. 

I really want school to end so I can play more music!