Monday, October 11, 2010

Martin Fröst visits the United States

In a month I am going to New York City to see Martin Frost perform!  I have heard recordings of him and he is amazing.  Martin Fröst is a Swedish clarinet virtuoso who is known around the globe. 

He played violin when he was six but got tired and moved on to sports until he was nine and he started playing clarinet.  I played violin and viola when I was younger, and I got bored and played travel soccer, and then started clarinet when I was 10.  Also, like Martin Fröst I am Scandanavian on my dad's side -- although Norwegian and Danish, not Swedish.

In addition to being a great clarinetist, Martin Fröst is famous for being able to play clarinet while roller skating backwards.  Check it out:

When he was fifteen he moved to Stockholm to study clarinet and later he also studied in Hannover.  He plays mostly classical music but he also plays some contemperary music.  I can't wait untill I get to see him, I know he will be amazing.

One really cool thing is that I couldn't get tickets to one of the performances in New York in December.  My mom wrote to Mr. Fröst's publicist to see tickets could be bought elsewhere.  They weren't being sold anywhere else, but Mr. Fröst gave me the tickets they set aside for him.  Now I get to see the performance, and I'm very grateful for this.

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  1. Just catching up on your blog. SO much fun to read!