Monday, April 25, 2011

Chamber Music in the Spring

Wow, it has been a long time since I have blogged!

I've been very busy this spring, especially with chamber music performances and competitions.  I participated in the Discover Chamber Competition and the Rembrandt Chamber Competition with my woodwind quintet, and my trio and my quintet played in three soirees at Ravinia.

I really enjoy playing in my woodwind quintet, Calcetinos Vivos.  They are very nice and very talented musicians.  Here's a picture of us:

Some of the pieces we've played this year are Arnold's Three Shanties, a quintet by Klughardt, and Paquito d'Rivera's Aires Tropicales.

I also play in a piano, clarinet, and viola trio.  We still haven't given our group a name yet.  My brother Ari plays viola, and we play with a 7th grade pianist named Finley.  We have been working on the Schumann Trio and the Bruch Eight Pieces.  This is a really fun group too.  Here is a link to us playing the first movement of the Schumann:

May is a busy month.  There are of performances for my orchestra and wind symphony and my chamber groups.

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