Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Clarinets Were Stolen!!!

Last week, my clarinets were stolen!  I was on the way to vacation and my family and I stopped at a hotel in Findlay, Ohio.  It was three A.M. at night and my mom said we could leave our instruments in the car just this once, because we were all so tired.  I woke a few hours later to find out that someone had broken our car's window and stolen my clarinets, my sisters cello, and my friends french horn.  In my clarinet case were my R13 A and Bb clarinets, a Backun bell, four barrels, a Walter Grabner custom mouthpiece, seven legere reeds, a neck strap, and a couple neck strap extenders.  Some of these were very hard come by.  Insurance is paying for all the losses which is good but I have my Midwest Young Artists's Symphony Orchestra seating audition coming up in a month so I need my clarinets back soon.  I am trying out a Bb clarinet but I have yet to find an A clarinet.  Hopefully I can find one soon so I will be prepared for the audition when it comes around.  The moral of this story is to never leave valuables in the car overnight.


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  2. That really stinks out loud, Torin. Sorry you had to go through that.

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