Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Broken Clavicle!

I haven't written since November, but here's what has been happening with me.  
Making pizza in my clavicle brace.

A few weeks ago I broke my clavicle playing volleyball!  This made practicing over winter break very difficult.  

The worst thing was that I had the Walgreens concerto competition at the end of the month.  After breaking my clavicle, I took about a week off of practicing to rest.  The next week, I could practice a little without too much pain, and so I spent the next week gaining back everything I had lost during my break.  This caused me to lose an effective two weeks of practice right before a competition!

 Even after I started practicing again, it still hurt and so I couldn't practice as much as I would have liked the week before the competition when I was back at back level I was playing before my injury.  After my performance at the competition, I felt that I did the best I could do in the situation.  I got honorable mention, so I can't complain. but I wish I hadn't injured myself so I would have had more time to prepare for the competition.  Maybe next time, I'll listen to my doctor when he says not to play any sports.

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