Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Practicing 4 Hours in 1 Day for the First Time

You Tube video of me practicing.
This is the progress I've made in around 200 hours of practice from when I first started playing clarinet.

Today, I practiced my clarinet for four whole hours. I practiced for 4 hours, because it moved me closer to my goal of 10,000 hours. Some people say that you need to practice 4 hours a day, seven days per week for 10 years to become a virtuoso. That comes out to 14,600 hours of practice. But I've heard that 10,000 hours is how many hours you need to practice something before you're an expert. 10,000 hours is really around 7 years if you are practicing that much. Still, who doesn't take a day off from time to time. Maybe 10 years is more reasonable.

Here's an article about this.,000-hours-of-practice-to-become-a-genius.html

Anyway, today I practiced for four hours. It was very exhausting, maybe because I played 3 1/2 hours of soccer yesterday with little to no breaks in between. I did take take 2 breaks on my clarinet. My first practice was 1.5 hours, my second practice was 1 hour, and my third practice was 1 hour, 35 minutes. By the end of my 3rd practice and now an hour later, I'm blown out. It kind of feels like someone spent several hours twisting my lips, and now they are kind of numb.

I'm not practicing my clarinet anymore today, but I think I'll practice piano.


  1. Hi Torin,

    It's me....Mr. Gangolli.

    I am pleased that you are working so hard but please make sure to have some down time to relax and enjoy your friends and family.

    I am sure that you will get to 10,000 hours over the years to come.

    See you later today!